MLM Lead Generation Made Easy
MLM distributors have trouble generating leads for many different reasons. While some of these sales professionals may be great at selling products and services, recruiting new candidates is a completely different ballgame. Thanks to advanced tools like landing pages and automated hotlines, MLM lead generation is becoming easier than ever before.
Discover an Audience
Before any MLM lead generation techniques will be successful, it is first important for a distributor to discover who their audience will be. As an example, a company that sells phytoestrogen-based wrinkle creams would want to advertise in places that are visited by a predominantly female audience. On the same note, it is often easier to generate MLM leads when the targeted audience is already involved in some sort of multi-level marketing prospect or is actively seeking methods to make money from home. Article marketing works wonderfully here and the name of the MLM company itself—or the products and services it provides—never have to be divulged when backlinks are involved.
Landing Pages
Landing pages are great tools for MLM lead generation; distributors have been using them with some degree of success for decades. Essentially, the landing page asks the consumer to input their name and email address before perusing through the information on the company website; this provides pertinent information to the MLM distributor and aids in advertising. These landing pages should be associated with backlinks in articles and on other sales websites in order to generate more traffic. Though they are great tools and should always be utilized in MLM lead generation, they will not garner enough leads on their own. It is important to combine landing pages with other lead generation techniques.
Sizzle Lines
While the internet is a great source of information and many consumers rely upon it daily, there are also those who prefer the old-fashioned route—a telephone call. Of course, an MLM distributor should ensure that these telephone calls can be placed 24 hours a day, but they should not be forced to answer the phone at all hours of the night to provide information. A sizzle line is a great alternative that allows distributors to record information that is related to the business. When a consumer calls the telephone number, they will hear an automated message; they should be able to select one number to hear more about products and services, another number to purchase products and services, a third number for hearing more about MLM opportunities, and a final number to leave a message.
Social Media
Social media is a relatively new phenomenon that has taken over the Web in recent years. Almost everyone with an online presence has a Facebook or Twitter account, and MLM distributors can use this to their advantage. By creating a Facebook page or Twitter account and providing information about distributorship opportunities, products and services, MLM distributors will add another outlet for interested consumers to contact them directly, and cold calling purchased leads will become a thing of the past.
MLM lead generation is a learned skill that requires a bit of time and patience in the beginning, but with the right tools, anyone can become a lead-generating professional in a matter of days—without spending a small fortune.

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