Why Your Business Should Be Using a Squeeze Page
Simply drawing visitors to your business website is not enough. You also need to capture their attention as quickly as possible and then attempt to gain information about them. One of the best ways of doing this is by offering a squeeze page that will entice them to look at your website closer and provide you with contact information for follow-up purposes.

What is a Squeeze Page?
A squeeze page is basically a landing page for a website that is intended to solicit information from visitors. It normally appears just over the top of a website’s main page as a box of text. This box may give an enticing headline followed by a request for information. Some of the things that could be solicited include an individual’s name, email address and telephone number. Users usually need to enter their information and hit “submit” in order to receive free information or move to the main website or offer.

How It Helps
Website owners are virtually unable to know who may have visited a website unless they can gather personal data from these people. Some websites have a separate tab for users to click on in order to provide this information. Others may have it listed at the bottom of the page beneath other text and this makes it easy for autoresponders to be overlooked or ignored. A squeeze page encourages people to do this right away before they become distracted or discouraged, making it more likely that website owners will be able to obtain this valuable information.

Deals and Special Offers
A squeeze page can be used to promote deals or special offers that your business has available. As a condition of receiving these deals, visitors can be required to submit their contact information when they arrive at this page. You will have piqued the interest of potential customers, while giving them an incentive to provide you with some of their personal data. Knowing they might receive special promotions or discounts can sometimes encourage people who are unwilling to provide this information with the incentive they need to do so.
Newsletter Subscription Do you have a newsletter or mailing list associated with your online business? If so, a squeeze page can be an effective tool that can help you gain subscribers. You can simply give visitors an option to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list when they first land on your squeeze page. It can be helpful to suggest that a subscription could entitle them to special discounts or tell your visitors that newsletters contain helpful information they might find useful. Users do not want to be spammed, but may be willing to sign up for mailing lists that are likely to benefit them in the future.
If you find yourself losing touch with visitors to your website, a squeeze page could be in order. By adding this page to your site, you are more likely to build a network of contacts that you can eventually turn into satisfied customers.

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