The Best Lead Capture Page System will Grow Your Business
A lead capture page system is essentially a way for an MLM distributor to obtain basic information about a website visitor—particularly their email address. With this information, it is possible for distributors to keep in contact with leads until they are ready to do business.

Getting Visitors to the Website
Before a good lead capture page system can be effective, distributors must determine the best ways to drive traffic to their websites. In most cases, techniques such as article marketing are the best to use. By placing well-written, keyword optimized content on multiple directories, it is possible to link potential leads directly to the website. There is one primary benefit of generating leads this way: the people who visit the website are already interested in the products and services being offered. They are more inclined to enter their information on the landing page because they truly want to browse the website and get more information.

Building a Landing Page
When it comes to the lead capture page system itself, it must be easy to read and fill out or website visitors will simply turn away. It should be highly visual, containing only colors that are pleasing to the eye. The font used should be large and easy to read, and there should only be two to three fields of information which the visitor must fill out. Typically, a name and email address will suffice, though some distributors are also interested in obtaining their visitors’ telephone numbers. If this is the case, distributors should be sure to make this information optional for the consumer; they should never leave the website simply because they are unwilling to provide their telephone numbers.

Developing a System
After the landing page has been designed, the next part of a good lead capture page system is determining how the visitor will be welcomed to the website. In most cases, this is done with the use of an autoresponder—or a piece of software that is designed to send an automated email to the visitor as soon as they provide their information. This email should be a resource that is filled with information, but it should never be so long that it deters the lead from reading it in its entirety. It should be well written, and it should also contain links to other parts of the website as well as contact information.

Continued Follow-Up
Without the ability to follow up with a lead, they will likely lose interest and decide not to make a purchase or take advantage of distributorship opportunities. Continued follow-up is necessary, and this is usually done in the form of automated newsletters. Of course, if a particular lead contacts the distributor directly, it is perfectly acceptable—and even required—for the distributor to respond with a personal email rather than an automated response. This is because the consumer will likely ask detailed questions and will appreciate a personalized response rather than one that was pre-generated.

A good lead capture page system is necessary for ensuring that consumers can find the business website, that they will enter their information into the form, that they will be contacted either automatically or personally, and that they will eventually be converted into distributors.

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