Cultivate Your Leads with a Targeted Autoresponder Campaign
As network marketers know, the right lead can yield tremendous results in any MLM business. Part of getting the right leads is cultivating your leads with a targeted autoresponder campaign. This campaign helps to create a well-informed lead that equates your business and products with the lead’s needs. A well-targeted email campaign is the essence of effective marketing that takes leads from lukewarm to hot.

How Autoresponders Work
An autoresponder is an automatic email that goes out to a lead when more information is requested through a squeeze or landing page. These emails work hand in hand with squeeze pages that capture the attention and contact information of the lead for your MLM business. From the moment the lead requests more information, they begin receiving targeted automatic emails that answer questions about the network marketing business. However, an effective campaign will start by targeting the lead’s need.

Appealing to the Need of the Prospect
Creating an email campaign that appeals to the need of your prospect is a necessity. That is why the initial email that is sent to your lead should be informational in nature while still appealing to the problem that the lead is trying to solve by using your product. An example of this would be a network marketing business that helps someone lose weight or get healthier. The initial email should inform the client of what they need to be healthier, such as exercise and vitamins. Then, cultivating the lead continues with introducing your company.

Filling the Need with Your Company
A targeted MLM email campaign will begin gradually introducing the company. The emails should also demonstrate how the company could solve the problem of the lead. It is vital that the automatic emails continue to cultivate the prospect by exposing them to the company and how they have helped others. Marketing strategies have proven that continuous exposure to a company or product will eventually lead to conversion. This is why automatic email campaigns are so effective. The lead is getting information, but also developing a mindset of how the company can help them.

Introduce the Product or Opportunity
As a lead receives emails over a period of weeks or months, they being to develop an understanding of the company. The great thing about targeted emails such as this is that they typically have tracking, which allows the MLM business owner to determine how interested the lead is in the business or product. As numerous emails have been sent out, the business owner can see that the lead is hot and ready to talk to them. A call is made and a lead that is knowledgeable about the company is converted to a sale. The email campaign has been effective at its end goal.

A great autoresponder campaign is one of the best tools an MLM business owner can use when developing their business or downline. Not only are these campaigns automated for easy implementation, but also when developed correctly, they can effectively cultivate a lead into one that is knowledgeable and understands the aspects and details of the company. This creates an easy system for converting the lead to a sale and growing your MLM company.

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